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The Copywriter's Platinum
As the holidays jingle πŸŽΆ their way in, imagine this carry-on gliding alongside youβ€”through airport lounges or dodging passive-aggressive in-laws.
Compact, yet surprisingly roomy, it's packed with 5 courses, 1 high-touch copywriting bootcamp, and a swipe file as wide-ranging as a holiday feast.

This isn't just for the end-of-year hustleβ€”it's your copy & biz sidekick for big success in 2024 (and beyond).
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Ah, the rollercoaster of 2023... That was fun, huh?

It's the year A.I. crashed our copywriting party like an uninvited plus-one, elbowing its way to the front of the bar (only to order an Appletini).

And as if that wasn't enough, the economy's been like the host who suddenly decides it's a BYOB event, leaving us all to figure out how to keep our glasses full.

No wonder we've felt the crunch as our once-stable career paths suddenly looked uncertain.

Maybe you've been doing a bit of soul-searching yourself, trying to figure out where you fit in this new, wild writing-jungle.

And, hey, you're not alone, Friend.

So clearly A.I.'s barging into our world, thinking it can do our job? Cute. 

Time to show it who's boss around here. (Hint: It's you. You are the boss.)

This platinum carry-on is not just your holiday sidekick. It's for the gritty, grind-it-out days...

The days where you're battling against budget cuts and bidding wars on Upwork. Or the days when your dream client pulls a Houdini on you. Vanish, poof, no trace.

It's also for those moments when you're riding high on a successful pitch. When you land a huge project but have NO IDEA where to start and need help, stat.

This carry-on's right there with you, through every high, every low, turning every hair-pulling 'Why do I even do this?' moment into a 'Oh yeah, this is why I do this' sigh-of-relief moment.

So let's hit 'mute' on Mariah Carey's festive anthem for a sec bc there's more to this season than 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' on repeat.

And let's dig into the origin of The Copywriter's Platinum Carry-on.

The result of real grind, kind of like engineering the perfect holiday light display, except with more brainpower and less risk of falling off a ladder.

Let's take a peek behind the scenes to see how this rugged, ready-for-anything carry-on β€” with all its accoutrements β€” was assembled for you, piece by piece...

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We didn't just stumble into 6-figure copywriting businesses like finding an extra cookie in the holiday tin.

It was more like hauling a carry-on up an endless, crowded airport staircase during peak holiday season.

The reality: Building a copywriting business isn't a walk in a winter wonderland. It's more like navigating a Black Friday sales β€” chaotic, competitive, and you've got to have a game plan. (Psst. Your game plan is inside your carry-on.)

We've gone from humble beginnings to the highs of six figures. And, hey, it was far from smooth. 

Now, what we can say is this: There isn't some quote-unquote secret formula for succeeding in copywriting.

So whoever tells you there's a "secret" is just stuffing your stocking with candy canes, novelty socks you'll never wear, and empty promises.

Over the years, we did find 5 critical essentials every copywriter needs.

These copywriting essentials are tried-and-tested, straight from over 300+ interviews with world-class copywriters.

And they've boiled down to something pretty straightforward:

To truly succeed as a copywriter, and we mean genuinely thrive, it's not just about clocking in and out.

As of today, A.I. can mimic the mechanics of writing, but it can't replicate the emotion, the wit, the human touch that you bring to the table.

That’s your superpower.

So, why should we have hope for the future?

Because no amount of coding can replace the human experience, the empathy, the real-life messiness that you fold into your copy.

You’re not just stringing sentences together; you’re telling stories, sparking raw feelings, connecting dots that only a human can see.

And as for the economic tremors?

They're just plot twists in your career narrative. They push you to be more than just a writer β€” they nudge you to be a strategist, a thinker, a creative force who can pivot, adapt, and thrive.

So, as you dive into these 5 essentials every copywriter needs to be world-class, remember:

You're not just learning to write better copy.

You're learning to dance with the chaos, to make A.I. your partner, and to carve out a space where your creativity and human insight are more valuable than ever.

The future of copywriting?

It looks a lot like you, armed with the right tools, ready to tackle whatever comes next.

Sure, it's been a bumpy ride, and probably there are more bumps in the years ahead. 

But in this carry-on, you've got everything to turn those bumps into launching ramps.

It's a plan, a strategy, a way to keep writing your own success story – even in the face of A.I. and an ever-changing economy.

It's pulling in $10,000 or more a month and still having time to binge-watch ☠️ Our Flag Means Death πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ on Max.

To hit this sweet spot, you've got to nail down these five essential things (...five things that are *also* conveniently included in The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On).

But if you don't have ALL FIVE OF THEM, you could struggle to make it as a copywriter.

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So what are the 5 essentials you need in your carry-on to make it as a copywriter in 2024?

Ever feel like a copywriter at baggage claim, watching everyone else grab their neatly packed luggage while you're wrestling with a chaotic assortment of far too many bags?

Sure, some of us overload with too many courses on random topics, like lugging around excess bags on a trip – overwhelming and totally unnecessary. (Umm, hi, we've been there.)

Other talented writers focus solely on honing copywriting skills, but then struggle with the 'Where the heck are my paying clients?' dilemma, kinda like having the wrong kind of luggage for the journey.

And let's not forget the copywriters with lost luggage β€” totally lacking the essential templates and swipes, leaving them stranded (and 100% overwhelmed) at the starting line of each project.

But what if all you ever needed was one platinum carry-on to be a world-class copywriter?

A single, streamlined bag packed with just the right essentials, eliminating the need for any extra, mismatched, or not-so-useful baggage courses.

That's what we're offering inside The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On this Black Friday:

βœ”οΈ 01. Research Expertise.

If you don't know how to find insights into how the market works and why people buy, it doesn't matter how good your writing is.

It won't connect with the right people. Research is the critical skill that makes copy work.

βœ”οΈ 02. Copywriting Skills & Deep Insights.

This goes way beyond the typical advice you see online. You know the "keep it simple" and "specificity is key" kind of stuff.

Yeah, that stuff matters, but so do skills like writing headlines, ideating hooks and creative concepts, writing bullets, overcoming objections, adding proof, and overcoming risk so your readers do what you want them to.

βœ”οΈ 03. Templates, Swipes & Prompts.

How many times have you stared at the blank screen in front of you, not knowing what to write? The right templates, swipes, and prompts can help β€” not to copy, but to inspire, engineer, and kick-start your idea engine (doesn't matter if your idea engine is your 🧠 or ChatGPT, you need this).

βœ”οΈ 04. Paying Clients.

You can be the greatest copywriter, content writer, or strategist in the world, but it doesn't mean a thing if you can't find and get hired by clients. And we're not talking about just any clients β€” you want high paying clients who value what you do.

βœ”οΈ 05. Constructive Copy Feedback from Mentors.

Practice is great, but the biggest improvements in your writing come from feedback from mentors who have done it before. This is critical but also one of the things most copywriters hesitate to invest in because they think practice makes perfect. But really? Practice feedback makes perfect.

That's a lot, right?

You probably won't find all 5 of those critical essentials in a single copywriting course anywhere.

Even most of the the copywriter coaches, experts, and gurus in our space tend to focus on just one or two of these critical essentials.

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So when we sat down to create a Black Friday special that could help you grow your business, we asked ourselves...

What could we give you that could help you get better at research, writing, prompting, ideating, and using A.I. to do it all better?

  • What could we give you to help you find clients?

  • How could we give you real-time feedback to improve your copy?

  • How could we support you in securing a consistent flow of high-paying clients, despite budget constraints?

  • What can we give you to turn A.I. into your creative partner, not your replacement?

  • What insights can we share to prep you with cutting-edge skills for the ever-changing world of copywriting & marketing?

  • How could we streamline your learning process to manage the demand (and overwhelm) of continuous up-skilling?

To deliver on all that, it would need to include just about everything we've ever created at The Copywriter Club.

We'd be packing every essential into this one platinum carry-on.

What the heck, we thought: LET'S. DO. IT.  

There you go. We've assembled the most inclusive, the most helpful, and the most useful collection of training, templates, swipes, prompts, and feedback ever assembled in one place.

For one time only because when it comes to Black Friday, we don't mess around.

This Black Friday special includes everything you need to succeed as a copywriter and nothing you don't.


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What does The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On include?

No more juggling too many courses, no more missing out on the most critical principles of copywriting, and definitely no more feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Just one carry-on with the 5 essential compartments to guarantee your success as a world-class copywriter in 2024 (and beyond). So you can travel light with everything you need.

Let's start with the courses you can take advantage of inside The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On:

🧳 Course 01. Research Mastery.

Good copy starts with research β€” getting to know everything you can about the product, the customers who buy (as well as those prospects who say "no"), competitors, and the expert behind the offer.

But how exactly do you do that? What questions do you ask? Do you do surveys or interviews? How do you get the details about your competitors?

Research Mastery is our brand new research course that covers the 4:20+ Research Method.

That is, the four major research categories you need to address on every project. Plus, more than 20 different methods for collecting insights from your research.

You'll discover:

  • Why you should think about research like the Beatles β€” you need John, Paul, Ringo, and George. If any of them is missing, it's just not the same.

  • The research secret that helped McDonald's get a 7x increase in milkshake sales.

  • The research insight discovered by a Navy Pilot while landing a jet on an air craft carrier.

  • The must-listen-to advice that turned one copywriter into a millionaire art collector.

  • Why most buyer personas and avatars are terrible and how to fix them (we'll even show you how to use AI to do this). 

  • The very minimum of research you need to do to succeed β€” this is especially valuable if you don't love research or tend to procrastinate your projects.

  • How to use AI to gather insights you missed and ideas prospects won't typically share.

  • How to summarize and analyze your research in seconds with AI. 

That's a lot. But we're just getting started.

Inside The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On, you'll also get access to this course...

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🧳 Course 02. Copywriting Mastery.

Another brand new course we just launched. In fact, it's so new, we're still adding to it.

Collectively, the two of us have worked on close to a thousand projects over our careers.

We've written sales pages, landing pages, purchase pages, sales funnels, social media ads, VSLs, email sequences, white papers, case studies, brand insight guides, brand voice & messaging reports, blog posts...

And we've learned the difference between copy that works and copy that doesn't.

You'll discover:

  • 7 rules for dramatically improving your writing, no matter what you write.

  • How to have good ideas for writing anything β€” an endless supply of them.

  • The street salesman "show and tell" technique that paid for a multi-million dollar Park Avenue apartment.

  • The 3 critical elements of behavior β€” discovered by a Stanford professor β€” that get people to click and buy over and over.

  • 5 buyer audiences and the exact messages that get them to take action.

  • 6 most popular sales hooks with examples of how to write them.

  • 12 rules for writing headlines.

  • 14 headline ideas β€” and the massive AI prompt to get ChatGPT to write them for you.

  • 23 types of proof to add to your copy (with specific examples you can grab).

  • 20 most common objections and how to anticipate and overcome them.

  • 21 types of bullets, what they include, and how to get AI to write them for you.

  • Our collection of popular writing formulas β€” and which one works best (coming soon).

  • Templates to get you started on the most popular copy projects.

There's a lot more. We don't have space to share it all here. Plus, we're tired from alllllll the turkey.

Like we said, we're still adding elements to this course, so once you have it, keep checking back as the resources continue to expand.

With those two courses, that's already A LOT.

But we wanted to make The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On a no-brainer investment for you, so we've also added...

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🧳 Course 03. Persuasion Mastery.

There's a lot of gold packed into this short course that's been locked away in our vault for the past few years. Now is the time to bring it back.

The techniques you get in Persuasion Mastery ensure that your copy actually persuades people to take action... whether you want them to click on an ad, download a lead magnet, buy your product, or something else.

You'll discover:

  • Using System 1 and System 2 thinking to appeal to the intuitive and analytical sides of your audience's brain. 🧠

  • Leveraging Alpha and Omega techniques and why you need both. 

  • The "ethics" of persuasion and using your super powers for good. 

  • 2 ways to use choice restriction to get readers to act with urgency.

  • Pain and why it is so important to address deeply felt pains. 

  • The anchoring secrets used to sell millions of rotisserie chicken cookers. πŸ”πŸ—

That's just a taste of what's included. And each of the modules inside this course includes lots of copy and content examples so you can see how to use these persuasion techniques in your own work.

Once you have those persuasion basics down, you'll want to focus on using new AI tools to get more done faster.

That's why The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On also includes...
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🧳 Course 04. A.I. for Copywriters & Creatives.

Artificial Intelligence changed everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but A LOT of things.

And staying up-to-date with the tools and tricks for using A.I. to conduct research and write content and copy is critical for anyone who wants to succeed as a copywriter.

You'll discover:

  • 10 things you need to know before you write a prompt. 

  • 29 different ways to use ChatGPT, Claude, and other AI tools in your business (we promise, you'll find a new idea or two to try).

  • The legal and ethical risks of using AI in your business.

  • The Copywriter Club Prompt Book including more than 109 prompts for research, writing, and more.

  • The Prompt One-Pager with everything you need to write your own prompts. 

  • Demonstrations of popular AI tools like WriteTune, Jasper, Mem.ai, and more.

  • An AI prompt engineer certification β€” just complete the comprehensive exam and you'll get a badge you can use to show off your AI know-how.

Understanding the tools and how to use them is now a critical marketing skill. You'll get an update to this course soon to make sure you always have the latest on this fast-changing industry.

Here's what a few copywriters shared about their wins from the A.I. for Copywriters & Creatives Course...
"I joined A.I. for Copywriters Course because I kept hearing, 'Your job won't be taken by AI but by a copywriter with A.I.'

I wasn't Chicken Littling, but I did want to know if and how it could help me.

I also love learning about new tech and like to be in the know. (Unlike Bitcoin, I can wrap my mind around this.)

Based on my experience with Rob & Kira, I knew it would be fabulous, but I'm surprised by how much I'm learning and putting to use right now. (I'm writing a website so...) I'm getting so much info β€” the videos, the prompts β€” that in some ways it seems easy."

Maria Thompson, Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

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"This course was exactly what I needed to create extremely useful A.I. prompts and to feel confident that ChatGPT was giving me 'the good stuff instead of the cliche, flavorless content that people complain about.

I've already used these prompt-crafting techniques and templates to help me with projects for clients, and I've even used what I learned to create an AI research demonstration for a writing class I teach.

Needless to say, this course is ideal for anyone who wants to start using A.I. to increase their efficiency and their effectiveness while also presenting as somewhat of an 'A.I. expert' to their clients!"

Ethan RossRestaurant Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

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"I bought this course to learn more about A.I.... I’d seen other courses but didn’t really trust the creators. And they were pricey. I know you both create awesome resources and the price was an amazing deal so I bought the course.

I was surprised that this course is updated regularly. I was worried about buying a course because the tech moves so fast that I thought it might go out of date. But you update your course which is brilliant. Oh, and the prompts are amazing!! Way more than I expected for the price."

Debbie Cormode, UX Website Copywriter

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🧳 Course 05. The P7 Client Acquisition System.

Once you know how to research, write copy, persuade, and use AI to do it all faster, you need clients to pay you to do that work.

So we've included our best-selling client acquisition system for you inside The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On.

This isn't just a course. It's a 5-part workshop series that shows you how to find prospects, warm them up, and craft a pitch that gets a response.

It includes everything you need to land at least one new client this month. And every month after.

You'll discover:

  • Two 60-Min P7 Workshops designed to help you create the step-by-step system you can leverage to land one new client every 14 days. 

  • Bonus Over-the-Shoulder Video where you'll see how to open up Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook, to quickly find good prospects who need your help.

  • Bonus Pitch Follow-Up Masterclass because the best way to guarantee your success is to follow up consistently. (We'll show you exactly how often and when to do it.)

  • 21 Pitch Templates and 9 Worksheets β€” the tools you need to take action. It's almost as easy as filling in the blanks and hitting "send." 

  • The Pitch Habit-Building Challenge for one week so you can experiment with your new pitching habits daily, iterate, and shift your behavior in real-time. You'll walk away with a new prospecting habit or two so you can clear head space (and, ya know, life space) to focus on the most important prospecting activities.

Does it work? Heck yeah, it does.

Check out what these copywriters have already done using the P7 Client Acquisition System....

Okay, so that's A LOT. But it doesn't quite cover the 5 essentials of world-class copywriters.

You also need templates and swipes, so you've got ideas to work with instead of staring at a blank page or screen.

So we also added...

🧳 BONUS 01. Rob's 250+ Sales Page Swipe File and Copy Templates (that make Kira so jelly)  

For the past 7 years, Rob has been collecting sales pages, purchase pages, and squeeze pages for hundreds of different offers in a variety of industries including health, marketing, coaching, and financial worlds.

He's organized them to make them easy to browse and saved them to a shared Google Drive. Kira wants access to this, desperately.

Luckily, Rob's a nice guy and shares with Kira.

BTW - Rob is still adding to the file. It's currently at over 250 swipe files, which means next year it could include several hundred more examples of sales pages to inspire you as you work.

The Copy Mastery Course also includes several templates for writing sales pages, blog posts, daily emails, web pages, and more.

The idea here... Never start with nada. The templates jumpstart your creativity and writing process so you get more done more quickly.

These templates are also super useful when you want to feed templates and examples into ChatGPT so you can improve your outputs dramatically.

Alright, and there's one final bonus for you...

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🧳 BONUS 02. Free ticket to the first-ever Copywriter Club Copy & Content Writing Bootcamp   

What do you do when clients ask you for samples of your work? How do you land work without any samples to show?

In January, we're hosting our first-ever copywriting bootcamp where we'll help you research and write a portfolio-worthy sample to share with clients.

This 4-week bootcamp will provide the training and structure you need to write that sample or pivot to a new niche (or deliverable) β€” even if you've never written anything like it before.

Even better, you'll also get feedback from your peers and copywriting mentors (that's us, Kira and Rob).

We'll help you strategize and improve your copy so you feel wildly confident and walk away with a copy sample you feel proud of.

Here's what copywriters have been saying about our copy coaching (and why you'll get the feedback you need from The Copywriting Bootcamp live event)...

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So let’s recap what you get in The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On…

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βœ”οΈ The Research Mastery Course
$450 VALUE 
 βœ”️ The Copywriter Mastery Course 
$750 VALUE
βœ”οΈ The Persuasion Mastery Course

$450 VALUE 
βœ”οΈ The AI for Copywriters & Creatives Course
$150 VALUE
βœ”οΈ The P7 Client Acquisition System

$497 VALUE
 βœ”️ Rob's Massive Sales Page Swipe File

βœ”οΈ The Copywriter Club Copywriting Bootcamp (happening Jan '24)

$900 VALUE
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Here's what you'll save when you grab this ONE-TIME ONLY Black Friday carry-on special (because math is fun) πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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"It's not just the direction Rob and Kira give you, the clarity they give you, or the next steps you need to take in the business...

Whenever you get stuck, you chat with Rob and Kira and just talk about what's stopping you right now. And they help you get over that immediate obstacle and keep moving towards your goal."

Esai Arasi
Think Tank Alumni Member
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Here's what Jamie said about Rob and Kira's programs and the benefits of receiving live feedback on her copy.

Jamie Caroccio, Copywriter
AI4C & Copywriter Underground Member
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This isn't your grandma's dusty old suitcase (...but then again, grandma always did have style).

Nope, this platinum carry-on is a masterpiece of organization, a little pocket universe where everything (yes, even that rogue daily email template) has its place.

It's your all-terrain carry-on for the copywriting journey ahead. Stuffed with every tool you could possibly need β€” from proven templates to research guides that uncover insights as surprising as finding an elf on your shelf each morning.

You'll get access to a swipe file full of on-demand insights, ideas, and inspiration (the gift that keeps on giving) inside this carry-on.

No more staring at your screen, wondering if your research skills could use a caffeine boost.

With our process, your research won't just scratch the surface β€” it'll dive deep, and uncover critical insights that get readers to take action. 

Gone are the days of playing a staring contest with a blank page. Now, you'll hit the ground running, crafting copy that doesn't just tickle the emotions but gives them a full-on bear hug, targeted so sharply it could carve the turkey.

And hey, about finding those oh-so-elusive clients?

We've got a system that's more reliable than your favorite holiday movie rerun. It's a client magnet, attracting the kind of leads that don't ghost you faster than a New Year's resolution.

Join our Bootcamp, and you're not just getting feedback... You're getting an upgrade to your writing game, like swapping your old holiday lights for something that actually sparkles.

It's more than luggage. It's your go-to guide for the unpredictable, rollercoaster world of copywriting in 2024.

So, what's the bottom line?

You're not just getting a bunch of courses. You're getting a platinum carry-on that's basically your VIP lounge pass to a business that's more successful than convincing your family to watch something other than 'It's a Wonderful Life' for the umpteenth time.

So, the big question: Is this for you?

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Writers saying nice things about us because, you know, they're nice...

"Getting to know Kira and Rob, they're so generous and wise...

There's no way I would have achieved what I have the last year without Rob and Kira's guidance."

Nicola Moors
Think Tank Alumni Member
Divider Text
"Working with Rob and Kira has been my cornerstone of success.

From getting more aligned with my values to raising my prices to building out my team to creating new offers, few of these things would have happened without their support."

Daniel Lamb
Think Tank Alumni Member
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This is who The Copywriter Platinum Carry-On is perfect for you if...

As December rolls in, you might be eyeballing your email, wondering if the universe will toss another project your way.

After all, those holiday gifts aren't going to buy themselves, and last I checked, good intentions don't have a great exchange rate.

Let's be real, you've got talent. That's undeniable. But something's off, like a puzzle with that one annoying piece missing. It feels like you're pushing a suitcase with a wobbly wheel down an endless terminal.

Sure, it's been a tough year, a year that's stretched and tested you, yet here you are, not ready to throw in the towel.

You're not just playing the game. You're here to change it.

You're in the business of words that do more than sell. They resonate, they linger, they make the Grinch's heart grow three sizes. And let's not kid ourselves – they pay the bills, too.

This Copywriter Platinum Carry-On is for the writer who believes that marketing is a force for good, not just a sales ploy β€” even in the middle of Black Friday chaos.

This carry-on? It's for the dreamers who haven't lost touch with reality. For those who curate messages that make a mark, and not just because they're catchy, but because they mean something.

This carry-on is for you – the aspiring, the striving, the relentless visionary.

The one who knows that with the right tools, the right guidance, and a little bit of that holiday magic, the future is bright, the path is clear, and the best is yet to come.

So here you are, at the crossroads of another year. This carry-on is your ticket, not to some clichΓ©d 'brighter future,' but to a place where you're not just another name on a byline, but the CEO of your own creative empire.

You're navigating an industry that's as unpredictable as wintery weather, but with this carry-on in hand, you're not just surviving. You're mastering the game.

Not just as a wordsmith, but as a visionary, a strategist, a leader in your field.

This carry-on is your go-to guide in turning that vision into reality, in transforming your aspirations into real achievements.

So what are you waiting for?

I'M IN."

How do I get The Copywriter
Platinum Carry-On

It's as easy as clicking this button.
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"Um, hi. I already own one of these courses. Do I get a discount?"


Q: How do I access the training?

After you sign up, you'll get an email with log in details. It may take our system a few minutes to send that email to you, so please be patient. It's on its way.

Q: How long will I have access to the courses? 

A: As long as there's a Copywriter Club, you'll have access to your training.

Q: If I take advantage of the payment plan, how soon will the second payment process? 

A: The second payment will process 30 days after your initial payment.

Q: I've already got one of these courses? Is there a discount for me?

A: We've tried to price this Copywriter Platinum Carry-On so it's an incredible bargain, even if you've already got one of these courses. You're still saving close to $2,000.

So this special Black Friday offer is the discount and only available for a few days.

Q: I'm a brand new copywriter. Will this work for me?

A: The sooner you master these concepts and put them into practice, the sooner you'll build a successful business. It works for copywriters of all skill levels, including you.
Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Everything in this offer is proven to work. We wouldn't offer it to you if it didn't.

And it will work for you too if you put in the time to study and apply the principles and systems we teach you in these valuable courses.

Q: Who do I contact if there's a problem?

A: You can reach us at help@thecopywriterclub.com. We'll respond as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours during the work week.

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