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More than 417 copywriters and content creators have put this proven program to the test and built successful businesses. Are you next?

Get the proven system for creating a profitable, sustainable copywriting business that takes you from struggling freelancer to in-demand copywriter...

If you're fed up with low-paying clients—or worse—no clients at all... Or you're stressing over how A.I. will impact your business in the year ahead... Or you're feeling unsure how to double your income without doubling the hours you work... Or maybe you’re done “powering through” this whole copywriting thing on your own… And you're finally ready to do something about it

Brick by click, you're about to build a profitable, resilient business. Keep reading to see how...

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You're a good writer, but your business isn't growing... What's up with that?  

Writing content and/or copy? That's not hard for you (you're a natural writer). But running a profitable copywriting business with a steady stream of easy-to-work-with clients and high-paying projects?

That's a completely different challenge.

First there’s the competition—there are over 608,000 professionals proudly wearing the "copywriter" badge in LEGO City on LinkedIn.

And an additional 756,000 call themselves “content writers.” So how in the world are you supposed to stand out from all of them?  

Then there’s the constant struggle to find clients—not just any clients, but good clients who aren’t looking for the cheapest option. Clients who value your ideas and work. Clients who treat you like a collaborator, not a barista.

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And should we even mention the economic pressure you might be feeling as businesses lay off employees, inflation trickles up (again), and potential clients get distracted by mediocre A.I. writing?

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Figuring out how to focus on your business growth so you can pay yourself what you deserve is really hard. Especially when you're going at it alone.

What you don’t need is another copywriting course 🤯 jammed with hundreds of videos to work through by yourself. Or a list of books on freelancing, consulting, and copywriting. And forget about finding the answer on social media, asking Chat-GPT, or searching Google, which is crammed full of hustle-culture “insights” (like getting up at 4:30 AM to outwork everyone else). Bleh.

What you need is a proven plan for creating, growing, and scaling a truly profitable copywriting business—from mentors who have built their own six-figure businesses—surrounded by a network of other smart copywriters who are building their businesses alongside you.

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Introducing The Copywriter Accelerator—the only business training for copywriters that follows The Business Acceleration System.

 It's A LOT like earning an MBA, customized for your copywriting business. 

 The Copywriter Accelerator isn’t another course. Instead, picture a community-focused, step-by-step intensive you move through, alongside your mentors-slash-coaches known as ob-Ray and ira-Kay (more on those two, sans Pig Latin, below).

This dynamic group experience is key to helping you (1) master all the critical ideas, insights, and strategies you'll devour in this program and (2) integrate the most critical blueprints into your biz ASAP (read: quick wins).

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What exactly do I get when I join
The Copywriter Accelerator

Walkthrough, please! 

First we’ll navigate 8 advanced business-focused trainings that cover everything you need to know to start, build, and grow your business.

Each business training builds on the next, like LEGOs. And as you stack them together, you'll create a business that helps you achieve your big, WILD and colorful vision.

Because even though you could try to build on your own—like taking a bucket of random bricks and putting the pieces of your biz together on the fly—it's so much easier (and faster) to build your masterpiece when you're following the same proven path used by hundreds of other successful copywriters.

Here's what's included...

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Be the CEO of your business. Full stop.  

✔️ Objective: Finally see your business vision, model, goals, and leadership style clearly. So you can show up as a business owner and NOT an order-taker-slash-employee.

Your Accelerator Experience:

  • Identify the 5 critical hats you must wear as a business owner. You need these hats so you can shift roles as needed in your business (which means you're less likely to plateau and feel stuck). 
  • Choose the best "business model" for you, based on your ambitions in business (and life). This will help you create a growth plan that finally feels custom-fit for you. No cookie-cutter solutions here.
  • Make progress in your business every day, after applying the Accelerator "4 Things Strategy," proven to work even if you're feeling overwhelmed.

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Find your X-Factor Edge and position yourself as different and superior (so robots can't take your job 🤖).  

✔️ Objective: You'll know the problems you solve for your clients and how to talk about what you do, so clients want to hire you. Because they know you're the best only option.

Your Accelerator Experience: 

  • Define your business using the 5 Point Niche Matrix and double your income (BTW - most copywriters think niching means choosing an industry, but that doesn't include the other 4 options that may be a better fit for you).
  • Match your individual talent stack with your ideal client's big problem, so they'll happily pay good money to hire you.
  • Take advantage of our plug-n-play formula for nailing your X-Factor Positioning Statement so you're as confident as possible on the next sales call and as your market your business. (Pssst! you'll get 8 real-life examples of X-factors done right (and profitably).

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Design unbreakable systems that practically run your business for you.  

✔️ Objective: Stop stressing over project timelines and client communication. Swipe our best tools and templates for the non-negotiables of businesssystems, processes, and frameworks. So you impress even the most discerning of clients and are 100% confident in your project delivery. 

Your Accelerator Experience:
  • You'll never question yourself again because you'll finally have proven and effective processes for EVERYTHING you do in your business.
  • Set yourself apart from every other copywriter and sell your services with ease. Creating your very own framework makes it so simple (it does the selling for you). 
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Create a suite of signature services your clients actually want to buy.  

✔️ Objective: Get crystal-La-Croix-clear on the value you provide your clients (and more importantly, your clients will be clear, too!). Increase your rates dramatically with your brand new signature service.

Your Accelerator Experience:

  • Easily create your signature suite of services using our unique sensory-approach design process to help you go from "I've got nada" to "Voila!"
  • Raise your rates with 6 growth strategies and real-life examples of signature services you could add to your business. 
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert in any room (virtual or in-person) by shedding light on your framework in a strategic way—you'll find out how to leverage your framework to close proposals, land bigger projects, book podcast interviews & speaking engagements, and more.

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Give yourself an "instant raise" by pricing your services strategically.  

✔️ Objective: Never wonder what to charge and how to price your services again—you'll find out how to cut out alllll the grueling guesswork by charging for the value you provide, instead of words, hours or days.

Your Accelerator Experience:

  • Set prices effectively using the 6 critical pricing strategies every copywriter needs to know before deciding what to charge for anything. 
  • Figure out your real "hourly rate" (it's not what you think!) with our time/value calculator and avoid reducing your earning potential by knowing which key words and phrases you should never say. Plus, find out why so many copywriters are way off when it comes to charging by the hour.
  • Charge for the value you create with our insider's cheatsheet that includes the exact questions you need to ask your clients before figuring out how much to charge them (WARNING: yes, it involves math—but it will increase what you earn by thousands of dollars.)

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Manage your clients so professionally that working with you is a piece of *Funfetti* cake.

✔️ Objective: Prime every project for fist pumps, all the 👏👏👏, and even the occasional gratitude bomb, "Damn, you're really good, THANK YOU!"

Your Accelerator Experience:

  • Navigate each client relationship and avoid stepping on land mines with an insider's list of the critical questions to ask, key boundaries to set, processes you need, and a wire-framing tutorial that practically eliminates client revisions.
  • Lead your projects as a partner, present yourself with authority, and avoid showing up as an order-taker with the ONLY onboarding and offboarding process your business needs. 
  • Create the one-of-a-kind experiences your clients crave and become an easy referral and sought-after expert in your industry (be the copywriter everyone's talking about). All it takes is an experience that's worth talking aboutyou'll find out how to create your own). 

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Attract high-paying clients you want to collaborate with in your business.

✔️ Objective: Complete and total confidence in your go-to market visibility plan, including how to build your authority as an expert and attract your dream clients.

Your Accelerator Experience:

  • Get the most bang for your buckaroo with the only 3 visibility strategies you need to know to earn money in your business.
  • Capture more attention for your business with 30+ marketing tactics you can choose from based on your unique strengths & visibility style. 
  • Close the deal once you have your prospect's attention with our proven sales scripts, trainings & templates. 

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Create a personal brand that feels like the real you (...and connects with your ideal clients).

✔️ Objective: Stand for something with your new brand promise, positioning, and stunning visual concept for your brand.

Your Accelerator Experience:

  • Connect · the · copywriter · dots with your brand voice, architecture, values, personality, message, and more.
  • Identify a powerful brand promise using our step-by-step process. (Hint: it needs to be more than "I write great copy.")  
  • Create your brand visuals that match your unique positioning so you standout in an elbow-to-freckled-elbow marketplace (see more than a dozen examples of copywriters who have nailed their branding for extra inspiration).

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"Okay, so what else do I get when I join?
Spoil me, please."

Fast-track your ideas into real action with Implementation Blueprints for each building block training. It's like pouring dish soap on a slip-and-slide...

The Implementation Blueprints help you get stuff done, fast. Oh, and on the side, there's a bonus green bin filled with even more bricks — think pricing reports, templates, and other tools. It's everything you need as you craft your business masterpiece.

You don't have to figure out your business alone. You'll have a front-row seat at 8 LIVE Deep-Dive Accelerator Coaching Sessions (roughly 90 mins each) so you can ask Rob and Kira all your questions.

This is like building a LEGO set side by sidenot tossing bricks to each other from a distance. We're talking face-to-face, personal accessnot texting back and forth on Voxer.

You have a piece, we have a piece. Then we click them together, step by step

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Say hello to your new accountability system—
a private network of copywriters you can trust.

Ask for help (and get it) 24/7 with our private Accelerator Slack community. Turn ideas into high-paying clients and get the most out of the program with an engaged platform managed by The Copywriter Club team.

Take advantage of daily feedback, critiques, and “group think” for five full months. Plus, for a more personal connection, we’ll connect you with your own intimate Build Crew.

Your Build Crew is a small assembly team of 5-6 fellow copywriters. Together, you'll ensure every brick is in its right place, review each other's construction blueprints, and share feedback on creative projects.

These fellow builders could very well become your BFLs—Buddies-For-Life. They're ideally positioned to back you up as you create bigger and more ambitious products and services in your business.

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Ready to battle metaphorical sharks with your new BFLs? Your peers have the answers to the burning questions poking you like a LEGO brick hiding in shag carpet...


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Like finding that rare LEGO piece that completes your Tour de Force, you also get access to these BONUSES...
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Go from the Struggling Freelancer to the
In-Demand Business Owner

JANUARY 2024 - MAY 2024


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Introducing your new business mentors-slash-guides-slash-coaches-slash-whatever-you-want-to-call-us...


If you're looking to construct a towering, six-figure copywriting business, having the right mentors is like having the ultimate LEGO set. You need guidance from those who've laid those bricks before.

And in The Copywriter Accelerator, you're guided by two master business builders, both with six-figure achievements.

Meet Rob Marsh and Kira Hug 👋…

You may have heard us on the popular The Copywriter Club Podcast 🎧 sharing our expertise and interviewing hundreds of other successful copywriters.

Together we have 48+ years of experience as copywriters and have helped hundreds of copywriters lay the foundation for a sustainable, profitable copywriting business.

Maybe you're wondering...

How's it going? Rob Marsh here.

I've worked as a Copywriter, Producer, and Creative Director at various companies including FranklinCovey, Publicis, and Hewlett Packard. So I have “big company” and “agency” experience.

Today I consult with a variety of technology and wellness companies to create effective landing pages, conversion funnels, and marketing campaigns. 

In my "free" time, you might catch me riding my bike 200+ miles in a single day... or running at 5:00 AM because pain is fun. 

I live next to the mountains in Salt Lake City with my wife, four kids, and a neurotic Westie.

And I work with that copywriter who refers to herself as 'The Hug Machine' (weird, right?)... have you met Kira yet?

Kira Hug in da house. Both a practicing contrarian and alliteration activist (...hiiii, you are my people).

Rob's right... I am 'The Hug Machine'. And I specialize in personality-driven launch copy and help small business owners package their ‘weird’ following my signature Weird Trifecta Framework™.  

In a previous life, I was an art major and ended up working with global brands like Estee Lauder Companies. I also led the marketing team for startups like and global health nonprofits.

When I'm not hanging with copywriters, you'll find me running on the trails in Maine, inhaling books, or chasing around my 3 kids (they're fast).

Once you see where they are today, it's not hard to believe what these copywriters accomplished in The Copywriter Accelerator... 


"Not gonna lie: I probably would have been stuck in permanent panic mode for the last 5 months if it wasn't for The Accelerator."

"I was on the fence about joining because at the time, I had just started my business and only had one client. But The Copywriter Accelerator didn't disappoint.

I don't even know where to begin... The other copywriters I met in the program? Genuine and supportive! The trainings and Implementation worksheets provided? Thorough and thought-provoking!

The group coaching calls? Invaluable. Rob and Kira? The nicest, smartest copywriting business coaches around.

The Accelerator took me from 'freelancer in permanent panic mode who isn't sure what she is doing' to 'confident business owner who has a solid plan, clients lining up for her services, and is excited for the future'.

By far, this is the best investment I have made in myself and my business. The support, training, and worksheets The Accelerator provides is unique to any other program out there. If you're struggling right now, take it from me: Invest in yourself and join The Copywriter Accelerator!"

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The Copywriter Accelerator gave me the confidence to own my weird.

Kira & Rob never rejected my ideas or my questions, they were never obscure - in fact, they encouraged me to go further with it. That permission slip is unbelievably powerful. You find out in week ZERO why this program works, and it only gets better from there. In the last 5 months, I've dropped most of my self-doubt and inhibitions, and am not anxious about working with clients anymore. Unlike other programs, it's not a one-and-done. I know for sure I am going to keep working at it, and redo my modules as I fine-tune my services even more.

My business was one solitary Facebook page with a dump of spam likes. Now, I know what I do, who I want to serve, what I want my copywriter identity to be and... I have a website.
That behemoth task would not have been accomplished without Accelerator.
I knew Rob & Kira to be awesome mentors when I did a few calls with them when I joined The Underground, But the access we got to them during The Accelerator, I promise I'm saying this without being ironic, truly accelerated my growth.

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Before: I was taking on pro bono projects for the experience but also not knowing exactly what I needed from those projects (results, relevant testimonials, etc.). I didn't have a process and didn't have any accountability. I also didn't understand that building a successful copywriting business is 80% mindset.

After: I'm working with a client and continuing to pitch others, knowing it's a numbers game and having overcome my fear of rejection. I am in a community of amazing copywriters, a few of whom I've become good friends with. I know exactly what I need to be doing and have accountability for getting those things done.

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Before the Accelerator, I was happy to get business from anywhere. If someone asked what my core services were, I didn’t have an answer. I felt like I was still crossing the bridge from 15 years in the corporate marketing world, and gaining referrals mostly from my network there. Since the Accelerator, I feel more known & seen in the wider copywriting community and able to carve my own path on my own terms. The best is yet to come!

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Before the Accelerator I was confused and working waaaay too much on projects that weren't filling my soul or bank account. I didn't know what I had to do to make a copywriting career happen (I didn't even dare to call myself a copywriter). With The Accelerator I gained clarity, direction and confidence. In the past 16 weeks I increased my prices by 50%, found a niche I love and incorporates my past experiences, wrote and launched my website, started marketing myself as a beauty copywriter, got my first ever client out of Upwork and in my niche (they hired me for my value, not because I was the cheapest option), and best of all, I joined a network of fabulous copywriters I now call friends.

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You changed my life with 8 google docs & some zoom meetings 🤯
What kind of magic is this?

I was definitely an order taker. So much so that I fired all of my clients in December because I just could not.

I had ideas about skills I could monetize but nothing that was unique to me & that didn’t feel good. I had taken lots of courses, LOTS of courses but I still didn’t have a plan that met my income goals, fit within my time constraints (I’m a homeschool mom) & allowed me to serve women in the way I want to in my heart.

The Accelerator changed all of that. I have a community of women (& some really cool guys I also love dearly) cheering me on, offering me feedback & helping me grow despite my fears. I have a plan to make 6-figures next year, working with the audience I want to in a way that feels true to me & doesn’t require me to stop homeschooling or sacrifice my family time & Disney day trips.

No other course gave me community. Community was the missing link that made my hard work pay off.

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Before the Accelerator I had no solid systems in place and I relied on Google and a few books to help me gather information about my business and copywriting as a skill.

Now, I have access to a community of copywriters, business process templates and reliable sources for perfecting my skills as a copywriter. Thanks Rob and Kira!

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Before the Accelerator, my business was a hodgepodge of great ideas from the dozen or so training programs I've enrolled in over the years.

The Accelerator has helped me overcome the fear of niching down and spurred me to get off my ass and generate marketing content in my brand voice.

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You don’t know what you don’t know....

After 15+ years of working in agencies and in-house design studios, I realized I didn’t know how to be a successful freelancer full-time.

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"I've learned how to really simplify my business and get laser-focused on my next steps."

Without your feedback, I would keep worrying about making the wrong moves and end up not making enough moves at all.

I created my business in a void in the beginning. I didn't really understand the power of community in creating a thriving and joyful business.

The non-judgmental support from people I've never met in person continues to blow my mind.

Rob and Kira's guidance has helped me get many wins, like 10x my monthly revenue, getting my first byline in my industry, and connecting with some major players in the industry. All by doing things I wouldn't have really thought of by myself!"

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"You'll get more value than you will ever expect."

The program is filled to the brim with value. Just when you think you're getting your money's worth they give you EVEN MORE value and insight.

I've met some wonderful people in this program and made some valuable connections with other copywriters.

Every coaching call with Rob and Kira gave me simple actions I could implement to build the business of my dreams. Rob and Kira brought their unique perspectives to answer all my questions (and I had a LOT of questions).

My biggest win was rebuilding my website, finally nailing down my brand messaging and x-factor.

I 100% recommend joining the accelerator ASAP. You'll get more value than you will ever expect."

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"I felt like the Accelerator was a shortcut to taking myself seriously as a business owner and not just a freelancer, which was a huge mindset shift for me."

"When I joined The Copywriter Accelerator, I had a vague, fuzzy idea of what I wanted to do...

The Accelerator exercises we went through were transformative for my business—they cured my fear of niching down and guided me toward a better understanding of who exactly I want to be working with.
It's also helped increase my confidence—I'm raising my prices with existing clients and setting financial (and personal!) goals that I wouldn't have expected for myself a year ago.

The #1 benefit for me has been the community. It was inspiring to see the work that others are doing, and I learned so much from commenting on their blueprints and having them comment on mine.

My 'if someone's on the fence' testimonial is going to sound like everyone else's, which is to say: if you're in need of structure, a community, and guidance, then you won't regret it."

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"There are so many different levels of wins that I had from the Accelerator."

"I had 5 years of copywriting (both agency and freelance) experience before joining the Accelerator, but I was definitely ready for some structure and guidance to help me focus and turn my business from something I did to pay the bills to something I LOVE.

Before the Accelerator, I was fine, my business was fine, I was mostly enjoying it, and everything would probably continue to be fine if I hadn't joined. So I'd say if everything's fine and you're just looking to keep being fine, then you probably don't need the Accelerator.

There are so many different levels of wins that I had from the Accelerator:

On the money level, I doubled my rates and doubled my monthly average monthly income (and the program only ended 4 months ago).

I sold my first $2,000 project (brand messaging and website copy) within the first month, which was a huge deal for me. A lot of the confidence to sell that first package came from things we worked on in the Accelerator.

As for the huge aha moments, I got so much clarity about my strengths. There's something about seeing the inside of other people's businesses that helps you realize what sets you apart and what you're doing differently.

And I think getting a sneak peak into other people's processes and the nitty-gritty details of their businesses is priceless. The Accelerator has a really clear structure—and although you may decide in the middle that you want to structure your packages or your business differently than Rob and Kira recommend, it's so nice to have someone give you 'the basics' of building a copywriting business and then you can improvise from there.

It's like when we're writing copy, following established frameworks and best practices is a good way to start, and once you've mastered the basics, you can get creative. I think the same thing goes for building your business. Rob and Kira know what works when it comes to building a copywriting business you love, so working through the Accelerator is an amazing starting point.

If you're on the fence about joining the Accelerator, I'd say that what you get out of it is directly proportional to what you put into it. If you show up to all of the calls and more or less complete the lessons on time, it'll probably already be more than worth it for you.

But if you go above and beyond, set aside a solid chunk of time every week, fully commit to the assignments, ask for a ton of feedback, and use Rob, Kira, and the Accelerator to the fullest, I'd be shocked if you didn't get a ton out of it and completely change the trajectory of your business."

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"My average project price had gone up by 400% (no, not a typo), and I was even contacted by Adidas for a project!"

"When I joined The Copywriter Accelerator, I had a vague, fuzzy idea of what I wanted to do...

I was making some money, but not a lot. By the time Kira and Rob were done with me, I had made back the cost several times over, I had a concrete idea of exactly who I wanted to target.

I can’t recommend The Copywriter Accelerator enough. It has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made to date!”

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"Rob and Kira have helped me own my value (...and drastically raise my prices) feel confident going after the clients I know I can best serve, and become super-intentional about how I build my brand."

"When I first started working with Kira & Rob, I felt pretty good about my copywriting skills but had a lot of questions around the business side of things.

I was immediately blown away by how deeply they cared about #1: helping you define what a successful copywriting career means to YOU (instead of fitting into a 'one-size-fits-all' box) and #2: equipping you with the training, templates, and community to guide you along every step of your journey.

There’s no one I trust and recommend more than Kira & Rob for building your copywriting biz - no matter what stage you're at."

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"The Copywriter Accelerator has been a complex cluster of defining moments that has forever altered how I think about my work." 

"I was most surprised by the mighty surge of deep and truly supportive friendships that (kinda-like-magic) seemed to appear out of nowhere.

It's helped me get sooooper-clear on who my ideal customers are; how I serve those ideal customers (i.e. the value I bring to the table); and the fair compensation that I can expect for service ... I simply cannot go back to where I came from.

Rob and Kira are extraordinary humans who attract similarly amazing people to them.

If you're looking for a tribe of insanely talented + exceedingly ambitious + beautifully authentic + unwaveringly committed-to-growth copywriters, then you can stop looking!  It's right in front of you ... just dive in!

I was on the fence before joining The Accelerator...  I've been in coaching and training space for a little over a decade, and I have experienced the cream of the crop and the ...erm, dung of the dog??

I look back on my hesitation - and the fact that I very nearly passed on this opportunity - and shudder to think how lost and overwhelmed I would still be, had I not embraced this amazing opportunity.

I was making some money, but not a lot. By the time Kira and Rob were done with me, I had made back the cost several times over.

"I've had my first $30K+ month ($33,346 if you want specifics)..."

"The Copywriter Accelerator was the starting point for 99% of the glorious things that've happened in my business... 

Not to say things were dire or horrible beforehand (bills were getting paid, work was flowing through) but they were stagnant and unexciting. 

I was taking on whatever projects got referred to me (a lot of which weren't particularly challenging or meaningful) and essentially treading water. I wasn't building anything. I wasn't deliberate in the opportunities I was creating for myself. 

Jumping into the Accelerator changed that. I picked a niche (OMG COPY I LOVE WRITING!), created a brand, and started thinking of myself as a business rather than a freelancer. And things started happening. 

I got some incredible projects (thanks to Kira), raised my rates, started getting enquiries from strangers on the internet, and got really excited about what was possible. 

Now, 18 months later, I feel like I'm kicking some serious big-picture goals. I've got wonderful clients (all of them). 

I'm booked out 3 months in advance. I've had my first $30K+ month ($33,346 if you want specifics). And the work I'm doing—both in and on my business—makes me deep-in-my-bones happy... most days ;)  

Did the Accelerator do all of this on its own? No. But it's the foundation that ALL of this is built on. 100%. And my life would look very different right now if I hadn't got myself inside. So well played, 2017 Kirsty... well played."

Join now for only $350 a month
and find out what's possible for your business in 2024.


The training, strategies, blueprints, and bonuses you get access to inside The Copywriter Accelerator could add tens of thousands of dollars to your future business earnings.

As you implement these ideas and insights, you’ll attract better, bigger, and higher paying projects. You’ll create packages that bring in 2X, 3X, 5X or more revenue than you’re earning now.

You’ll get insider strategies for creating an effective brand presence that attracts clients to you. Which could have an enormous financial impact on your business—for decades to come.

At this point you may be asking, how can I be sure this is for real?

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Listen, if you join The Copywriter Accelerator and realize it's just not for you... you have 30 days to yell at us and get your money back. Yelling optional. Actually, it's discouraged. Kira's ears are sensitive.

So you've got plenty of time to figure out whether or not you *really* like Rob's voice or Kira's nervous laughter or growing your business in a private room with some of the most talented up-and-coming copywriters we can wrangle. 

Basically, once you join, you’ll have an entire month to hang out with us and dozens of talented, up-and-coming copywriters, go through the training and blueprints, join us for coaching calls, and test-run all the bonuses.

We guarantee you’re going to love it. What’s more, we guarantee it will change the way you think about your business from day one. 

If we fail to deliver on that promise (don’t worry, we’re big on keeping promises), simply let us know within the first 30 days, and you’ll get back your entire investment. You can even keep the P7 Find-a-Client Workshops as our thanks for joining and giving it your all.

So with absolutely nothing to loseseriously, try it free for 30 days—why not jump in now and see what we’re talking about?

You've got integrity, we've got integrity. Let's all shake hands and commit to doing the right thing. 

Here's everything you can take advantage of inside
The Copywriter Accelerator
5-month intensive...


You’ll get 8 trainings that cover the business skills and insights you need to build the foundation for a successful business...

8 implementation blueprints designed to help you immediately implement these concepts into your business immediately.

You'll get the following bonuses...

✔️ Land a new client in 7 days or less with The P7 Find Clients Now System

✔️ An invitation to our exclusive 1-Day Accelerator Retreat.

You’ll also get exclusive access to our Private Accelerator SLACK Group where you’ll expand your network with fellow writers who are growing alongside you. Don't be surprised if you walk away with a new friend (or three).

Most importantly, what you really get is a proven system for creating a sustainable, profitable copywriting business where you’re no longer struggling to find clients or figure out how to serve them.


Instead you’ll be fully-booked and in-demand by the clients on your "dream list."

That means better clients, better projects, more money, AND more time for what matters most to you.

When you add it all up, it’s no wonder 537+ copywriters have leveraged The Copywriter Accelerator to grow sustainable copywriting businesses. It'll work for you, too.

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For real, let's grab our calculators + add it all up, okay?

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✔️ 8 Trainings & Implementation Blueprints
 ✔️ 8 LIVE GroupCoaching Sessions 
✔️ Masterminding with fellow writers

✔️ BONUS:  The P7 Client Attraction System
 ✔️ BONUS: 1-Day Accelerator Retreat 
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"The generosity, transparency, community and combined creativity Kira & Rob bring to the digital table is unlike any program I've ever taken."

"One year ago, I had a ton of clients and zero direction. Tons of random projects, but no gratification. I still thought I knew what I was doing... Until I found The Copywriter Accelerator. 

Kira and Rob taught me how to set up my business for repeatable success. From rock-solid systems to designing crazy cool packages (that I've had to trademark) and taking the plunge to niche down my audience... It felt like my business got off the Highway to Somewhere and onto the fast-track to 5-carat clarity. 

Not only do I feel wayyy more confident selling my services and showing up in the right places, I learned so much about what it takes to go from being a good copywriter to a GREAT one. 

The Accelerator is basically a VIP backstage pass to their brains.

I always kick myself for remembering that I had considered "trying it next year", because I wouldn't be making anything close to the income I'm earning now–or be as in love with my current client waitlist (seriously, now I LOVE my clients!). 

In fact, I'd probably be applying to jobs on LinkedIn at 2 AM out of boredom. So if you have an inkling that you'll need this, chances are you 10001% do."

Chanti Zak is basically a rockstar, and she trusts us...

"Kira and Rob offer support, tips, tools, and expertise with zero pretentiousness. They're both really good at what they do, but that doesn't always make you a good teacher - that's not the case with Rob and Kira. They're both naturally gifted teachers and they guide you toward your goals with grace and integrity."

"My life has done a 180 since I first stepped into the virtual halls of The Copywriter Accelerator!"

"I loved my previous career as an image consultant & wardrobe stylist. So when I realized I'd reached the tippy-top of my career, I decided it was time for a career makeover. Not just "slapping on a little lipstick" but a true "What Not to Wear" kind of makeover. 

Even though I've always worked in "writing-adjacent" jobs, I never thought I could call myself a writer – even when I was doing writing! But, after subcontracting with a couple of established conversion copywriters I thought to myself "Ya know what, Glick? This is fun! This could really be something!" 

That's when I found Kira & Rob (aka my Stacey & Clinton), TCC, the podcast, and a little somethin' somethin' called The Copywriter Accelerator. 

I'll never forget our first call when I told Rob and Kira that my goal was to write my resignation letter by Labour Day weekend...

This without a steady client-base, a community, or really an understanding of what my X-Factor was in the writing world. Their response? "That's bold...we're going to make sure you get there."

That was late-February 2018 and, sure enough, by September I was writing that letter and happy-crying as I hugged my colleagues at Nordstrom good-bye (knowing that I'd be back, hanging out at eBar click-clacking away on my computer anyway!).

My life has done a 180 since I first stepped into the virtual halls of The Copywriter Accelerator! I've defined my X-Factor, booked myself full with great clients every month, guested on the very podcast that started it all (heeeey!), found a whole bunch of kindred spirit colleagues in TCC and at IRL that I chat with literally all. the. time (shout out to my Accelerator Grad friends!), and even got accepted to Think Tank this year to continue my copy business journey – all in one year.

I'm playin' with the Big Kids now!

I can't imagine how long these changes would have taken if I hadn't taken the leap of investing in myself by signing up for The Copywriter Accelerator. Whether you're a pretty seasoned writer, or starting fresh like I was, if you're ready to give your career a makeover do not pass "GO" – sign up for The Copywriter Accelerator right this second and get ready for your business makeover!"


"I now have a clear path forward, and tons of talented people who are also investing in themselves that serve as my professional inner circle"

"The first time Rob and Kira opened the doors to The Accelerator, I totally missed the boat. 

Not that the program didn't sound appealing... it actually seemed like exactly what I needed to get to the next level, but the money wasn't there so I had to pass. Maybe you can relate. Luckily, the second time I got the chance to join The Accelerator, I jumped at the opportunity. That turned out to be a FANTASTIC decision.

Over the next few months, I made a ton of progress... I streamlined my onboarding, project management, and offboarding processes...

I cut down from two niches to one (this made my messaging MUCH clearer). I pivoted from the 'every project is unique' model to one driven by productized services with some specialized work. And I came the realization that the time to start promoting myself seriously is NOW.

So here's the deal... you only have a few days to get in on The Accelerator... you might be sitting there wondering whether now is the time to make the jump and invest in yourself and get the guidance you need to get to the next level. 

If you want my advice, do it. Don't miss the boat like I did the first round. It was more than worth it when I finally did make the investment."


Go from the Struggling Freelancer to the
In-Demand Business Owner

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"I’ve had way worse mentors than Rob and Kira. Turns out, they aren’t nearly as mean as you think. They’re just so darn lovable. And they’ve restored my faith in humanity. Or at least in people you meet on the Internet."
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