The Copywriter Walkman - Black Friday Special $79
  The playlist you need to take your business
from "just a small town girl writer living in a lonely world" to head-banging to METALLICA because you just signed another dream client 

Ready to hit "play" on your goals? 
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Does it ever feel like you're caught with your pants down?

Like you're always stuck with low-paying clients, who come and go, and do as they please? 

Maybe one of your clients just quit out of nowhere – WTH! so you’re scrambling to find new projects – over a holiday weekend – while trying your best to entertain your in-laws AND rebounding from RSV or RVS or RSVP(?) or whatever acronym is infecting your lungs and causing you to bark like a walrus. 

Maybe your prospect asked for a bulk shopping “discount” on your last sales call, and your inner people-pleaser nodded, “Yes, of course” (while your soul screamed, “Nooooo! DON’T DO IT!”). 

But, ya know what, my dude? (Yeah, you’re my dude – just roll with it, ok?)

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We're not Costco,
we're copywriters, dammit.

You're determined to get your business right because 2023 is your year.

And you don’t want to just book new clients – you want to charge appropriately brilliantlyYou don’t want to just show up like a freelancer (AKA “order taker”) – you want to scale your brand and business like a CEO with shoulder pads, Aviator glasses, & power moves. 

You don’t want to just show up like a commodity at the local mall (between The Gap and Brookstone) – you want to stand out as the only premium copywriter who does what you do, the way you do it.

So you go after your dream business and skateboard forward, Marty McFly-style...   

But overwhelm stops you dead in your tracks Converse All Stars. Add a li’l financial stress to the mix, and it might feel like your problem-solving abilities fly out the window of your Ford Escort. It’s like you’re wearing a velour blindfold – and you can’t see the road in front of you.

Sure, you listen to copywriting podcasts like The Copywriter Club Podcast, and while, yes, there’s a deluge of valuable info, you’re often left wondering…

"Well, that was fantastic... What now?"

We've got you covered, my friend. If you hit repeat on anything in the coming year, hit repeat on the tried-and-true playlist you consistently go back to when everything feels just a bit too much. 

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Show up as a CEO and take action in your
business with the help of 13 marketing experts.

Slip those foam-covered headphones onto your ears with The Copywriter Walkman – featuring 13 must-watch-or-you’re-missing-out masterclasses & implementation blueprints from the highly-coveted, ever-popular TCC IRL event series hosted by, *ahem* the two of us (👋 hiiii, Kira and Rob here). 

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Experience real progress in your business before you even flip over the cassette 

Check out what you’ll implement with your
very own Copywriter Walkman

Cassette Tape #1 – Side A for Amped 
(yep, the 80s were cheesy and so are we)

Track 01: 7 Things You Should Do Right Now to Recession-Proof Your Business with Rob Marsh

It's hard to feel in control of your business during a recession, but the good news? There are smart strategies you can use to protect your business and prepare for a recession. 

Rob Marsh, Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club, delivers the tools you need to navigate your business during uncertain times.

Track 02: How to Get 2…3… or More Controls from One Sales Promo with Carline Anglade-Cole

How could you add even more value for your clients by testing new ideas? 

This masterclass with award-winning, direct-response copywriter, Carline Anglade-Cole, will leave you inspired and help you grow as a copywriter. And it'll also give you a new way to lean into your talents, explore your creativity, and produce real results for your clients. 

Track 03: The One Marketing Move that Convinces Prospects Your Services Deliver the Highest ROI with Todd Brown 

In a fast-growing copywriting industry, standing out isn't easy, but it is absolutely crucial. 

Expert Marketer, Todd Brown – the guy other experts go to when THEY need help, shares his framework for crafting a compelling unique mechanism that allows you to show up as the only copywriter your clients want to work with.

Track 04: Build Your Wealth Beyond the Personal Brand with Jereshia Hawk

How do you go from feeling overwhelmed and overworked like a freelancer to thinking bigger about your business and building wealth like a CEO?

Business Growth Coach, Jereshia Hawk, shares her best advice for copywriters who want to launch new revenue streams, create an ascension model, and show up with confidence in their business.

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Oh, wait! There's another side with more CEO masterclasses you won't want to miss 

Cassette Tape #1 – Side B for Bitchin' 

Track 05: How to Diversify and Pivot Your Business with Jasmine Star 

What if pivoting your business could help you reach the next level in your business faster? 

Business Strategist, Jasmine Star, reveals how  she grew and strategically pivoted her business to what it is today, and she offers a repeatable process you can use to do the same.

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Track 06: The Brass-Tacks Blueprint For Raising (Even Doubling)Your Freelance Rates with Brian Speronello

Want to systematically and deliberately raise your rates in the year ahead?

Access the exact scripts Brian SperonelloFounder of Freelance Like A Pro, uses to increase your rates with past, new, and future clients. Also, take advantage of the 8-word phrase you can use to overcome price resistance from clients moving forward.

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Track 07: Dramatic Leverage: Changing the Story that's in Your Head with Jude Charles 

How can we overcome the negative thoughts that nag us repeatedly?

Author and Filmmaker, Jude Charles, is a master storyteller, and he reveals how copywriters can use leverage to reframe their story, lean into their strengths, rather than their weaknesses, and change their world.

Implement top CEO strategies from a few of the best marketers & copywriters working today for...

That’s the SAME PRICE as a small latte (with oat milk), or a dish squeegee, or an owl ballpoint pen with a 360-swiveling head, or an oversized rainbow eraser, or a three-in-one burger press (I don’t even know what that is), or a Hatch-It Yeti, or a… *yawn* I’m tired, buuut you get the idea, right?*

Not only will you be able to come back to these CEO masterclasses again and again, but you’ll ALSO get an implementation blueprint for each one that can guide you repeatedly in your business.

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Hmmm... What's on the OTHER cassette? 

Cassette Tape #2 – Side A for As If 

Track 08: Copywriters: The 4 Steps to Build Your Brand and Go from Behind the Screen to Centerstage with Mike Kim 

How do you build your personal brand and carve a name for yourself in a competitive niche? 

Personal Brand Strategist & Marketing Consultant, Mike Kim, walks you through how to create a brand designed to endure the never-ending shifts in the marketing world.  

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Track 09: Overcoming Fear of Failure with Jamie Jensen 

What's holding you back? What's keeping you from reaching your dream? It's time to conquer the fear that’s kept you plauing small… A li'l thing called failure. No biggie.

Award-winning screenwriter, copywriter, and intuitive strategist, Jamie Jensen, shares how she faced down her fears, quit running a business that didn't serve her, and embraced grief and failure to move forward. 

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Track 10: Only Nerds Use LinkedIn — and Other Myths with Michal Eisikowitz

Could LinkedIn be THE lead gen platform for your business?

With over 10 years in the marketing and copywriting realm, Michal Eisikowitz, shows how she exploded her business using LinkedIn, and how YOU can build your authority, land clients, and grow your business in using this platform, as well. 

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Wait, there's ONE MORE side waiting
for you 

Cassette Tape #2 – Side B for Bodacious

Track 11: The 7-Step Checklist for Writing Killer Headlines that Crush Your Competition with Stefan Georgi 

Improving your headline-writing skills will give you an edge in the industry,  help convert more customers, and build your credibility and confidence.

Who better to show you how to sharpen your headline-writing skills than one of the top direct response copywriters in the world? Stefan Georgi’s copy's grossed over $700MM in sales since 2011. Safe to say… you're in good hands.

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Track 12: What I Learned from Doing 893 Copy Critiques in a Year with Pauline Longdon 

One of the best ways to improve your copy is by avoiding mistakes many marketers and other copywriters are making today. 

Pauline Longdon, an Emotional Direct Response Copywriter, reveals the top 3 mistakes that cause copy to repel rather than sell, and she covers exactly what you need to do to fix them. 

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Track 13: The Definitive, No-B.S., Data-Backed Answer to “What Do You Charge?” with Abbey Woodcock

You’ve got a prospect in the door and after your feelings of elation have subsided you wonder, “What am I supposed to charge for this?”

Direct-Response Copywriter and Founder of Oneida Freelance Co-Op, Abbey Woodcock answers this question and reveals how to overcome future pricing obstacles.

"Marketer to marketer,
what's this Walkman REALLY worth??"


 Just one pricing tactic from this collection could double your rates (What's the value of THAT over the next year?)...

Now, imagine you implement a single wealth-building strategy, from Jereshia Hawk, into your business over the next quarter, what's that type of future-thinking worth to your bottom line?

How would you feel if you could book a new client from LinkedIn every month with Michal's advice? What about if you change the story in your mind, with Jude Charles, and finally move out of your own way?  And how could one brilliant brand strategy evolve your messaging so you reach new heights?

What if you recession-proofed your business with Rob Marsh so you finally feel in control of your future?  Or you nail down your unique mechanism with Todd Brown so you can differentiate yourself from every other copywriter?

What's the value behind just one of these changes in your business (and life)? It could be anywhere from $1,000 to $1,000,000, right?

Talk about a solid ROI from a $6 masterclass.

The best part?

That's right, you have one entire year to test-run these masterclasses for yourself & take action in your business.

You'll most likely email our team to share a testimonial about what you've accomplished from just a single masterclass you've played on repeat via your Walkman. You'll want to share your life-changing win with us because you barely believe it yourself. That's why you'll email our team. But...

If for some reason plans change and you no longer need a Walkman to help drive your business forward, build momentum, and help you achieve a few noteworthy goals, you can take advantage of our 365-day money-back guarantee -- with zero hassle. Just email our team at

You truly have nothing to lose when you snag your own Copywriter Walkman... So, what do you say?

Really, how good are these masterclasses
on a scale of one to ten tubular?

Well, take it from the savvy copywriters who’ve seen em’...

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