Emotional Copy Masterclass
Emotion sells, not logic. But how exactly do you write emotional copy that connects with readers and motivates them to buy?


The How to Write Emotional Copy Masterclass
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 If you want to write content and copy that connects with your readers, prospects and clients…

If you want them to not just read your copy, but also click and buy your offers…

If you want to turn your prospects into repeat buyers and raving fans…

    ...then you need to write emotional copy.

You’ve heard this before—emotion, not logic, sells.

But exactly how do you write emotional copy?

It’s not enough to sprinkle “emotional” words like “angry” or “hopeful” into your copy. That doesn’t work. 

If you really want your readers to engage and take action, then you need to know how to use the 10  proven emotional motivators that get prospects off the couch so they take action.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • 10 11 proven motivators that spur prospects to buy

  • the 16 basic human desires—if you can write your copy based on one of these, you'll sell a lot more

  • how to use the emotions that activate buying behavior—not all of them do

  • how to avoid the emotional words that depress purchases this is critical because if you tap the wrong emotions, customers won’t buy!

  • 17+ examples of emotional copy that show you how other copywriters have tapped emotions  successfully in their work

If you want to connect with your readers, you need to write emotional copy.

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