Sprintegration Sessions
with Kira Hug
An intimate CEO intensive & coaching program designed to help integrate your Q1 Growth Plan into "real life" in 2024. 
You've planned, plotted, and prepped your Q1 goals like a pro. But let's be real the bridge from plan to reality can feel like crossing the Grand Canyon on a tightrope.

That's where I swoop in with an offer you can't refuse (kidding... you can totally refuse). Exclusive, small group coaching & accountability to help you actually implement your goals in Q1 of 2024. 

✔️ Accountability
✔️ Ideation
✔️ Feedback
✔️ Straight-up advice for those 'what next' moments

Why this is kinda cool IMO:

  • Limited to just 4 people – Yup, that means only one spot left.

  • Weekly 75-min sessions for 3 months – We're talking about intense, focused, and fun sessions with fellow writers.

  • Customized support – Tailored to your unique goals, whether it’s "clarifying and creating new services" or "nailing work/life balance" like some of our participants.

  • Real Accountability: No more “I’ll do it tomorrow.” It’s time to turn those golden behaviors into golden results.

  • Expert Guidance: Stuck on establishing an email list or writing 125 pages of your book? I’m your strategic sidekick, ready to help you tackle each step.

  • Community Cheerleading: You’re not alone. Your small group will be your cheer squad, troubleshooting team, and brainstorm buddies.

  • Private access to a Slack channel: for additional 24/7 support from your fellow writers & creatives (because community is the key to helping you grow).
Your Q1 Success is
My Mission. 

It’s March 31st, 2024.

You’ve booked those 3 high-value clients, your email list is buzzing, and your website is looking top-notch. Why? Because you didn’t just plan. You executed. And you had me in your back pocket every step of the way.

Imagine us, every week, sipping coffee (quick confession: after giving up coffee in November, I'm going hard this month) while transforming your big, bold aspirations into something you can actually touch, feel, and invoice.

It's part coaching, part kick-in-the-sweatpants, and a whole lot of "let's make this happen."

You can say goodbye to procrastination and doubt – they're not invited to our karaoke party.

✔️ Navigate Challenges Together.

Hit a snag? No worries. Think of me as your strategic GPS, rerouting you through the challenges and turning every "Oh no!" into an "I've got this!" moment.

We'll tweak, twerk, and twist our way through obstacles (kiddin' there will be no twerking, only brainstorming).

Because the path to growth isn't a straight line. It's more like a game of Twister – occasionally awkward, sometimes a stretch, but always keeping you on your toes and making sure you're flexing those strategic muscles.

✔️ Celebrate Each Win.

Think of our group as the anti-hero of success stories. Every win, no matter how tiny, gets its moment in the spotlight – or, let's be honest, the dimly-lit, somewhat moody corner we like to hang out in. (Just me?)

We don’t just cheer for the big wins. We revel in the understated, the overlooked. Here, your smallest steps aren't just noticed, they're hailed as acts of quiet rebellion against the ordinary.

✔️Access this Exclusive Inner Circle: Two spots left in this group.

That's it. This isn't your run-of-the-mill, overly enthusiastic coaching club.

We're in the business of implementing masterful plans, not just wishful thinking. And in this world, understanding your unique story is just as crucial as the end goal.

So, are you in? Ready to ditch the cliché New Year, New You for something more... you?

Take a deep breath, grab that last spot, and let's make 2024 the year you look back on and say, "That's when everything changed."

Let's do this. Together.


One-time payment of $1200 or 3 monthly payments of $497
The Schedule. 

Here's what you can expect when you join me and your planning crew inside:

  • Two Bonus Sessions in December: Join me on Thursday, December 7th and December 14th at 12:00 PM ET to review, iterate, and finalize your Q1 plan so you're ready to roll in January. This is also a great way for our small group to get to know each other better. Yes, there might be an icebreaker or two. 

  • Weekly 75-minute sessions every Thursday at 12:00 PM ET  for 12 weeks starting on January 4th so you have ongoing support, accountability, and feedback (when life throws a curveball at you). 

  • Private access to a Slack channel for additional 24/7 support from me AND your fellow writers & creatives (because community is the key to helping you grow).

As we stare down the barrel of 2024, with its economic rollercoasters and A.I. shenanigans, having a plan is good, but it’s not a silver bullet.

What you really need is a crew to navigate these choppy waters with – that’s where I come in. 

Each Thursday, we’ll huddle in our virtual sanctuary, not just to pat ourselves on the back for sticking to the plan, but to update it as needed.

Because the world is spinning faster than a cat chasing its tail, and what worked in January might be ancient history by March.

This is about more than just keeping each other on track. It’s about adapting on the fly, pivoting with grace (or at least, not face-planting), and finding ways to thrive in the midst of economic mood swings and the ever-looming presence of A.I.

In our group, you won’t just find accountability and feedback – you’ll find the consistent support you need to tackle the next plot twist 2024 throws at us.

And in between those curveballs, we'll have each other’s backs, in a community that gets it – the struggles, the wins, and the need to sometimes just vent.

So, ready to face the year with a plan that’s as flexible as it is powerful, and a crew that’s as brilliant as it is supportive?

Join us, and let’s turn surviving the year into owning it.


One-time payment of $1200 or 3 monthly payments of $497



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