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The Copywriter Think Tank Mastermind

You’ve bought all the courses. Attended the online summits. Read all the books and blog posts. Now get the personalized business coaching, direction, and blueprint you need to finally put those resources to work and grow your business...

Your next level business awaits...

The Copywriter Think Tank is currently open for applications

Here’s what you’ll get as a member of The Copywriter Think Tank:

Three virtual Think Tank retreats covering cutting-edge topics and featuring top experts in the marketing space (and beyond). Experience intimate conversations and workshops covering  the type of stuff nobody's talking about publicly.

(VALUE: $4,485)

Regular interactive online workshops with Think Tank members and guest presenters on topics like scaling your business, setting and reaching bigger goals, high-level copywriting, marketing your business to bigger, better clients, and more.

(VALUE: $4,500)

Monthly Think Tank ‘hot seat’ calls designed to help you address your biggest challenges and walk away with multiple solutions you can implement immediately.

(VALUE: $4,500)

Bi-weekly LIVE watercooler chats so you can connect with your peers in a casual atmosphere (and stay connected on a regular basis)

(VALUE: $2,600)

A customized growth program (based on your goals) with a minimum of 6 one-on-two coaching sessions with Rob and Kira

(VALUE: $3,600)

Ongoing feedback, critiques, inspiration, and support from fellow Think Tank members in a private Slack group


VIP ticket to TCC IRL 2021—in person if we can, virtual if we can't— (and the potential opportunity to speak on stage)

(VALUE: $1,250)

Instant access to the recording of all the presentations from The Copywriter Club In Real Life (TCCIRL) events from 2018, 2019 and 2020.

(VALUE: $1,744)

Free membership in the Copywriter Underground including the monthly newsletter, live video trainings, and a private Facebook group

(VALUE: $1,044)

Access to the Copywriter Accelerator business training program, implementation calls, and blue prints.

(VALUE: $2,000)

Take advantage of this mastermind experience...

The Copywriter Think Tank is currently open for applications

"Since joining The Copywriter Think Tank, I launched a course! And sold it out, all in 4 weeks. As a different metric, when I first joined the TT last March, I’d just had my first $8k month. This month just gone (Feb 2019), I had my first $25k month."

"Being part of a group of copywriters who are all 10 steps ahead of me and still climbing. Hanging out with these guys allowed me to see what’s possible for my business in a smash-through-all-the-glass-ceilings kinda way. That knowledge, along with the incredible support of the Think Tank crew, is THE thing that propelled me to take some big leaps this year. And, as a result, I’m where I hoped I might be with my business, 3 years from now (i.e. I took some kind of magical shortcut to the business of my future *ooo, spooky*) The retreat in San Diego was amazing. I had high expectations, because you guys always bring the goods, but honestly... the value I got out of that trip was next level. I felt pretty well connected with most of the people in the group before the retreat, but it was nothing compared to the connection I felt by the time I got back home. The 2 days we spent together allowed me to feel seen and valued by a bunch of amazing copywriters (who also happen to be awesome humans), and cemented relationships I’ll have in the industry until I’m old and grey... and that’s something I don’t think you can put a price tag on.

- Kirsty Fanton

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"TCC Think Tank helped me double my income. No joke… I was cruising along at my full-time job and taking small freelance clients here and there. I wasn’t even planning on joining The Think Tank. But FOMO kicked in and it wound up being the best decision ever."

"Due to the work I put in during TCC Accelerator, a gigantic, unsolicited, retainer gig fell out of the sky and into my lap. Rob & Kira helped me set up my business overnight and create an exit strategy to jump into a bigger, brighter, more profitable world. In eight months, I’ve doubled my income, eliminated my commute, and found a more sustainable work/life balance. And due to the Think Tank network, I’ve hardly had to market myself for clients. Don’t get me wrong. I still work my tail off. This ain’t a free ride. But now I work on The Right Things to build my business The Right Way (and I’ve retired my monkey-with-a-dartboard planning technique). The membership fees have come back to me tenfold and this is by far one of the best business—and life— moves I’ve ever made.”

- Justin Blackman

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"When I joined the Think Tank I really wasn’t sure what direction I would take my business in. I didn’t have a niche, and I didn’t feel confident about the next stages – I just had a lot of excitement and drive."

"Since the TT I’ve not only niched down to an area that I truly enjoy, but I’ve also realized that both of my loves – styling AND writing – aren’t at odds with each other, in fact, combining them gives me a unique edge in some really cool areas! I’ve developed a close-knit community of super smart people who are passionate about their work and who love to share resources, opinions, and help. When I started I said I wanted to be ‘in the room where it happens’ and now, I am a contributing member in that room. It feels amazing. If you are looking for a community of whip-smart colleagues that will become your fast biz buds, if you’re looking for guidance that will support and direct you, if you’re ready to do the work and have support while still being self-directed, if you’re looking for business support directly related to copywriters (as opposed to building copywriting skill set) than TT is the right place for you.”

- Tamara Glick

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I was super skeptical about the Think Tank before I joined. I'd never needed a mastermind. In fact, I shot questions (like darts!) at Kira Hug because not only are Mayank Malik and I are hyper-selective about our investments were also fierce about our time. 

12 months later, I can safely say, TT is an investment I'm excited about making all over again. Justin Blackman is right when he said it's not for everyone and it isn't for beginners or even those who've been around for years but aren't comfortable sharing with rawness and openness. Honesty, transparency, and lifting each other up without puffery is what TT is all about. And yes, you'll learn, grow and shine but more importantly, you'll make copywriter friends you can trust with your business... for life.

- Prerna Malik

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“The Think Tank was my #1 source of support in taking my business from kinda great to freaking amazing. Like, 3-month waitlist amazing <--- which was one of my goals when I started. How? The no-holds-barred feedback, transparency, and diverse set of voices that chimed in when I needed them."

"It felt like we'd known each other for years when we had our first in-person retreat. I say it to everyone I can: Rob and Kira are masters at putting the right people in the right rooms together. Their ability to pull in people with totally different niches, personalities, and experiences who all share the same values is priceless. In fact, just the friendships I formed during the year alone were worth the investment.

I went from half-heartedly liking my client roster... to having dreamy ones fill them up! I was hitting 10K+ months before, but it was through work I definitely don't miss now. With every project that comes my way and every lead hitting my inbox now (I can't keep up with them anymore), it's someone I'm truly 1001% excited to work with.

The kind of clients I can clink cocktails and have great conversations with, outside of our work together. That's all due to the support I received through our ongoing Slack group, hot seats, sunny retreats, and 1:2 calls to help me take seedlings of ideas and grow them into long-lasting roots for how I run my business.

I also loved the accountability and 25+ laser-vision-focused eyes combing through every Google Doc! The calibre of the critique you receive in the Think Tank takes anything you write from 80 to 250... real quick.

If you're ready to go from good to GREAT in your copywriting business, the Think Tank is your logical no-brainer next step. Getting to the 'advanced' level in this space means hunkering down with the best of the biz, soaking up their brain power and getting the push to chase big changes, like, tomorrow. Moving forward means investing in cultivating long-term, rewarding relationships and a trusted circle that will support you in your growth, because no one understands how sticky that feels better than your peers.

If that's a piece missing from your life right now—the Think Tank is where you get to dive off the deep nd with the best of the best into new, exciting waters."

-Zafira Rajan

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“Here's my take on why you should join the Think Tank... in the last year, I have learned an incredible amount from both Rob & Kira and my fell think tankers. Not just from workshops—but from one-on-one's with Kira and Rob (and the clarity you get on how to really build this business).

When I started, I was making sporadic money and unsure how to build consistent revenue. Because of what I've gotten in the Think Tank, I had a record year and was able to serve people in a BIGGER way.

For example, I would have never guessed that I would venture back into mindset, but Kira and Rob helped open that door for me to explore and share with copywriters. I know it's a scary investment, but I do believe it pays for itself."

-Linda Perry

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The Copywriter Think Tank is currently open for applications.

Look, the Think Tank is not for everyone. But if you’ve had some success as a copywriter and are ready to grow your business in ways you never thought imaginable, you owe it to yourself to find out more. We get applications to ensure all members are a great fit. If you’re interested, you can apply below:


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