The Copywriter Accelerator
Just after I joined I signed my first massive project that was higher than my revenue for the entire first year of my business...

The Accelerator has been a pivotal part in helping me grow and manage that massive shift.
"I quit my day job and managed to start a new one at twice the pay...
So, that was pretty cool!"
"Realizing that
I didn't have do this shit alone has been so powerful and motivating."

Biggest wins? -- Definitely community. Just like, realizing that I didn't have do all this shit alone has been so powerful and motivating. This has been the perfect colleague collection, I am so thankful for all you for that. I've definitely grown in my confidence from this group.

Community brings inspiration, 

impromptu brainstorming sessions,

collaboration and  better ideas!

"The confidence from seeing how other people are running sales calls and sending out proposals and all those things behind the scenes and seeing how everyone else is doing it...and tackling that has helped me to create my own process for that and having the confidence to actually do it.
I’ve gone and I raised all of my rates for all my clients and that has had a huge financial impact.
Having the confidence to do that has been a big thing.

 You saw things in me that I didn't...

"When I wrote about my vision in the first blueprint was just wishful thinking.

Over the past months, doing the work for the blueprints, the training, the conversations, the support from all of you; all of it, piece by piece, gave me the confidence I never had. You saw things in me that I didn't...

My vision isn't just some impossible pipe-dream anymore and if I start doing what I've learnt; if I believe the way you do, I can make this happen and that's what is really exciting."

Clarity + Confidence
From dabbling freelancer to focused as-you-know-what business owner
"So, what is the number one thing I got out of the Accelerator?
"I feel like it deserves jazz hands and fancy sounds on all that.

I got a lot of clarity on my offer, a lot of clarity on my ideal client, I feel a lot more confident this year about who I'm trying to work with.


underpaid and undervalued

freelancer to...

doubling her revenue.

Just before the Accelerator I was only ever earning, like, $2-$2.5K. But then within these last four months I was able to hit $4K and now I’m just shy of $6K.

So, it was a pretty big win, especially because beforehand. I was only ever capped at $2.5K because I was working with people who didn’t value me, but after interacting with all of you and then seeing what was actually possible, it broke that ceiling for me.

The Accelerator has really given me the assurance to move forward
"Before the Accelerator, I was constantly in
this space of
wanting to give up."
"When I started I had nothing but an idea and a dream, now I feel like I have an actual business and a plan. I feel like I have something legit."

My biggest win is definitely confidence in myself. When I started I almost quit in my first month... I thought, "all these people have their shit together and I don't,"... but I learned very quickly that I could do all these things.

"...I’m on the right path. Prior to the Accelerator, I’ve heard about all those tactics: the pricing, the marketing and all that stuff, but it was all kind of in bits and pieces.

There's also a tonne of opinions and options to consider and just to weigh; and it was just a little overwhelming.

So the Accelerator gave me a framework to work within, but it also allows you creativity."

The trust that I've managed to build up with the others in the Accelerator, it's meant a lot to me.

And it's tied in with helping me build my brand in a niche in two different ways... getting that clarity has given me confidence.

Whether you're pivoting or completely starting over, the Accelerator is about finding out what the right copywriting business looks like for you.
You helped me niche into something I absolutely love and I'm excited every single day that I work with my clients.
 (And, I'm making double what I was a year and a half ago.) 

Sara's win was mindset...

It's not scary to pitch clients and she feels she can actually talk to people, using her communications background to get clients.

She use to just rely on her network and wait to get clients, but not anymore!

Through the Accelerator, Ieva  scored her dream client & made a third more revenue in two months that she did the entire previous year.
I’ve gotten confidence and clarity. I turned 40 last fall and I was really lost as in, OMG I hit that milestone - have I accomplished anything in my life!? What am I going to do? Then copywriting came into my life in the beginning of last year... and I realized I love this, and I want to do this forever