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Gmail and Yahoo's email crackdown debuted this month...Are you ready? 
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Learn what you need to know about getting your emails opened under the prickly new requirements PLUS how to add deliverability and ESP management to your services (hellooo retainers!).
WEDNESDAY 6/19 @1PM EDT | Exclusively in The Copywriter Underground
Matt Brown
Email Deliverability Specialist
Attention: Copywriters, Creatives & Brand Strategists…


Stop making excuses...
Turn pro and hit "go" on your business growth. 
Grow your copywriting & AI skills, network with fellow creatives, and finally take your business from barely chugging along to barreling down the highway (...and totally unstoppable).
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Grow your copywriting skills, network with other successful writers, and finally take your business from struggle to success in The Copywriter Underground.
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Copywriters and content creators are fortunate. We get to work with great clients, solve challenging marketing problems, and earn good money—all from the comfort of home, or the local coffee shop, if that’s what you prefer.

But figuring it all out can be haaaaaard


Even lonely at times.

Finding clients… creating packages they’ll buy… figuring out prices… choosing a niche… creating your website and social presence… research, writing, editing… building processes for onboarding, offboarding, landing referrals and leads… It's A LOT of work.

Too many copywriters—maybe you too?—struggle to figure it all out on their own. They google for answers, scan TikTok or Instagram for inspiration, and buy courses they don’t finish. They snoop other copywriter’s emails and lead magnets and web copy, then use them to create their own, not knowing if their work is good or not. They struggle to attract decent clients, often settling for low-paying projects because nothing else is available.

Far too many of these hard-working copywriters get stuck. Stuck with bad projects. Stuck charging too little. Stuck without direction. Stuck doubting (and blaming!) themselves. Then they give up and quit.

But… When you have the right ideas and strategies, smart mentors, and an experienced community to support you, it’s easy to get unstuck, stop wasting time, stop questioning yourself, and finally build the successful copywriting business you’ve been dreaming of for months, maybe even years.. That’s turning pro.


Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been running your business for a few years… 
The Copywriter Underground is where you GO PRO.

It’s time to stop playing around with your copywriting business and go from frustrating “solo” to successful “CEO.” Time to find better clients and deliver better results. Time to bring in consistent revenue from month to month. Time to have a bigger impact in the world.

But to do that, you need more than a course, a shiny badge, or a certification. You need more than a few ideas picked up from podcasts, LinkedIn, and blog posts. 

Desire isn’t enough. 

You need a community. A clear path forward. Training. Insights and advice. Strategies and tactics. And two smart mentors to help you put it all together.

That’s what you get in The Copywriter Underground.

If you’re thinking, “I want to be convinced The Copywriter Underground is for me,
keep reading to see what you get as a new member…

You’ll never be alone, frustrated,
or stuck as a copywriter again.

As a member of The Copywriter Underground, you’ve always got a friend nearby. Even if you work from home, in your sweat pants, and only open the front door when DoorDash brings lunch. You will be surrounded by hundreds of smart, successful copywriters who share a wide variety of perspectives and answers every time you face a new challenge, need advice, or have a question.

That means…

…No more wondering if your prices are too low (or too high)

…no more feeling frustrated as you look for answers to questions about copy, content, or running your business…

…no more questioning if your website or email copy is good or bad…

…no more wondering why everyone else seems to be succeeding, while you struggle…

…no more slogging through in quiet desperation…

…because as a member of The Copywriter Underground, you have instant access to insights and advice from hundreds of the smartest, most generous copywriters working today. 

They’re always ready to help you celebrate your wins and support you when things don’t go well. They’ll help you overcome your challenges because they’ve been through them before. 

If you’re serious about growing as a copywriter, joining a community like The Underground is the critical next step.

But community is just that start. You also get…
Weekly copy critiques, regular expert training, and even more opportunities to learn and grow...
How To Master Your Next Sales Call So Your Client is Thrilled From Start to Finish
How to Dramatically Improve Your Client Management
Want to get better at writing copy or content? Ready to hone important business skills like sales calls or research? Need advice on creating that perfect proposal or a script for the difficult client conversation?

Each week, you can submit your copy for a critique and get helpful ideas to make it better. Don’t want to submit your copy? That’s cool, you can still watch and learn from the other critiques in the group.

Plus we regularly bring in copywriting and marketing pros to share their expertise in copywriting, funnel creation, sales, business development, SEO, social media, and so much more.

It’s the perfect place to learn the skills you need to become a sought-after, booked-out copywriter.

Over the past 5 years, dozens of experts have shared their business changing strategies and tactics for getting things done. Those presentations are timeless and you’ll have access to the recordings on Day 1 of your membership…


You get exclusive access to the Expert Training Vault—more than 100 different  presentations that will help you build your skills.

Dozens of expert copywriters, marketers, designers, CRO and SEO specialists—all at the top of their game—have shared their insights, strategies, and expertise with us. And the only place you can find all of their presentations is in The Underground

It’s a bit like Netflix for copywriters. Listen to and learn from expert copywriters like… 
  • John Forde and Joe Schreiffer on The 6 Leads Types for Sales Pages
  • Pauline Longdon on The Psychology of Sales Letters
  • Kevin Rogers on The 3 Career Paths for Successful Copywriters
  • Marcella Allison on The Never Ending Control
  • Stefan Georgi on 7 Steps for Writing Killer Headlines
  • Parris Lampropoulos on Telling a Story with Your Copy
  • Brian Kurtz on The Next Million Dollar Copywriter

That’s just scratching the surface. 

And it’s not just copywriting training, you’ll get exclusive access to business building insights from marketing specialists like… 
  • Michal Eisikowitz on 3 Needle Moving Steps that Exploded My Business
  • Joanna Wiebe on Building Your Authority
  • Tarzan Kay on How to Get Paid $1000/Hour
  • Robert Skrob on Building a Million Dollar Business
  • Joel Klettke on Mastering Client Calls
  • Prerna Malik on Creating an Intentionally Profitable Business
  • Hillary Weiss on Turning Your Point of View into a Profitable Product
  • Abbey Woodcock on The Data-Backed Answer to What Do You Charge?

You’ll get instant access to all of these presentations—and more than 50 others—as a member of The Copywriter Underground.


Surprise! You get access to 
The Underground’s exclusive print newsletter vault.

Most memberships exist entirely online. And if you don’t log in regularly, you miss out on everything. But not The Copywriter Underground. In addition to the online resources, you’ll also get a printed newsletter delivered to your door a few times a year. 

Every issue is jammed full of ideas, insights and advice that you can refer back to whenever you need to. Each edition goes in-depth on a topic that will help you be a better copywriter or a better business owner. No need to log in or download anything to your laptop. They’re right there, on your desk—in real life—when you need them.

What’s more, members have full access to the “back catalog” with all the past issues, including…

  • How to Build Your Client Attraction System
  • Differentiation and Your Unique Mechanism
  • How to Write Headlines
  • Creating Your Framework
  • How To Plan for a Recession
  • Handling Objections so You Sell More
  • How to Have Better Ideas
  • Proof Stacking to be More Persuasive
  • Discovering Your X-Factor
  • How to Find What Makes You Different and Superior
  • Using Quantum Physics to Level Up
  • How to Get More Done
  • Landing Clients on LinkedIn 

And more than 27 others.

The ideas you get from the newsletter alone could help you add thousands of dollars in new services, new products, and new clients to your business. Here’s what a few past members have said about it…

Join The Copywriter Underground now and get 3 bonus courses worth thousands of dollars—
absolutely free.
The Underground is filled with training that will help you be a better copywriter and assemble the elements you need for a more successful business… but to make your decision to join an absolute no-brainer, you also get three full business-changing courses to help you grow.

Bonus Course #1: The Everything-You-Need-to-
Nail-Your-Next-Sales-Call Course with Karen Graves.
The ability to close sales is the most important skill a writer can have—but so many of us struggle attracting and closing the right prospects. This in-depth sales course walks you through the sales process step-by-step to show you how to become a successful sales pro. It’s a $997 value, but you get it free with your Underground membership.

Bonus Course #2: The PERFECT Proposal Course.
Once you’ve sold your prospect on working with you, you’ll usually follow up with a proposal that outlines all the details of the project. This course walks you step by step through the PERFECT proposal framework to create a proposal that clients simply can’t say no to. It’s a $297 value—free today.

Bonus Course #3: The Persuasion and Personality Course.
Once you start writing, your ability to persuade your reader to take action is critical—whether you write content or copy. This course walks you through more than a dozen persuasion techniques that you can use to make your copy even better—with lots of copy examples you can swipe and use in your own writing. We’ve sold this course separately for $797, but it’s included when you join The Underground today.

Yes, you get all three courses, and the training vault and a print newsletter and weekly copy critiques and regular expert presentations, and

What you really get is a proven path to a stronger, more successful, more resilient copywriting business.

By now you know The Underground is a lot like a secret vault filled with ideas, insights, templates, training and advice for how to write great copy and run a successful copywriting business.

In fact, with The Underground in your back pocket, you don’t need to waste time scrolling through Facebook groups to find answers to your questions… or Googling your copywriting questions… or even buying courses from other writing “gurus” who are just a few steps ahead of you in the journey.

It’s all here, ready for you to use to build your own successful business.

Choose your membership option.

When you add it all up, The Copywriter Underground is an amazing value. The bonus courses alone are worth $2091. Plus you get more than 100 hours of training, weekly copy critiques, the print newsletter, and a community of experienced copywriters ready to help with any question—worth hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, more.

But you’re invited to join The Underground right now for just $87 a month. ← That price is going up soon, so don’t wait another minute to get the resources you need to grow your successful copywriting business. 


per month
(Save even more and get
3 months free!)

per year

Join now and your dues will never go up—as long as you’re a member.

As we add more helpful content and ideas to help you grow, the value of The Underground just goes up. In fact, other copywriters have told us we should be charging 2x or 3x more for all the resources you get as a member. There’s no doubt we’ll raise the price in the near future. But when you join today, you’re locked in—the price will never increase as long as you’re a member.

And if you join as an annual member, you’ll save even more—it’s like getting three months free. When you see how much The Underground will help you grow your business, it only makes sense to join as an annual member and save even more.

You’ll absolutely love The Underground or 100% of your money back—plus $10 just for trying it out.

We’re sure you’ll love the community, the training, the copy critiques and the newsletter. But, after you try it out for a few weeks, if you don’t agree, just let us know within 30 days and you’ll get back every penny—plus an extra $10 (via PayPal) just for giving it a try. 

We’ve spent the last five years curating the best tactics and strategies from the leading experts in the field of copywriting and marketing and adding them to The Underground. When you join you’ll get the advice, ideas, and training you need to grow a successful five- or six-figure copywriting business—or whatever your goal is—or lunch is on us.

Is The Copywriter Underground
right for you?

If you’re tired of working alone… want to work on better projects with better clients… and are creating a business to support you and your dreams… then The Underground will help you learn and grow.

If you don’t yet have proven systems that support your business and ensure things happen when they’re supposed to, The Underground is a great place to get the support and training you need to create them.

If you want a safe space to ask questions—even “newbie” questions—and a place to connect with other ambitious copywriters investing in their businesses, The Underground is that place.

Why not try it out now and see for yourself?

We know what it takes to build a successful copywriting business because we’ve done it.
And we’ll help you do it too.

After building our own six-figure businesses, we founded The Copywriter Club to help other copywriters and content creators do the same. It started with a highly rated podcast (with over a million downloads) and a free Facebook group that has grown to over 14,000 members. But the most ambitious copywriters need more advice, resources, and a close-knit community to make progress. So we created The Copywriter Underground to support them as they invest in themselves and grow their businesses. Today The Underground is helping them make incredible progress. But don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what other copywriters who have been members of The Underground say about their experience…

Is The Copywriter Underground worth the investment? Here’s what current and former members have said about their experience in The Underground. There’s a lot of them… keep scrolling.

Buying stuff is easy.
It’s the doing that’s hard.

That’s why so many copywriters have dozens of templates, courses and workshops stored on their hard drives—and they’re always adding more—but they’re still stuck where they were a year ago…working with the same bad clients, struggling to increase their prices.

You don’t need more courses. Or certifications. Or questionable resources you won’t use. 

What you need is a community of highly engaged peers to hold you accountable. And mentors who can offer guidance when you need it. As well as all the “just in time” resources to answer your questions as they pop up. And that’s exactly what you get as a member of The Copywriter Underground.

But first you’ve got to be a member.

The next step is up to you…

Choose the best option for you and join now.


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(Save even more and get
3 months free!)

per year

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